An Exemplary Guide to Home-buying

There is nothing more wonderful than a great,cozy and secure home. Home buying can be a complicated and exigent process. There are a lot of steps to be taken, tasks to be completed and requirements to be fulfilled in this process. Being cautious can be really beneficial, as you do not want to cause an extortionate mistake. To figure this process out, we are going to discuss certain key pointers that will make it clear and coherent.

Optimized Budget

Spending your money economically is going to be a significant must. A proper budget should be devised to conclude how much of a money cushion you are going to be left with. The property you are buying should check out all the right boxes, to assure that your existing and future needs fall within the boundaries of your budgets. If the property requires a bit more of a currency than what you have saved, you have to research and decide on a home loan that will suit your needs.


It is important to know the kind of location you are rooting for. The location should be functional according to your necessities. The location must be in a prime environment and the locality attached to it plays an influential role, too. Choose astutely, because your home might turn out to be the best investment you have ever made.

Rental charges in the area

If you are strategizing on investing in rental properties , houses in high-rent or exceedingly populated areas are quintessential. Researching the rental - charges in the areas will direct you to the right property and location. Taking a good look at the Home loan policies would be advantageous as well.

Loan eligibility

Home loan eligibility depends upon the repayment scope, income, prevailing loans or debts and the age of the loan applicant. Companies like Tema Fintech provide excellent advantages by offering highly functional home loan programmes to home-buyers. Their home loan comes with a bevy of benefits such as smaller EMIs which you can pay over a longer tenure of time, enticing interest rates.

Stamp Duty and Registration Fee

Much like the sales tax and income tax that are accumulated by the government. You need to know the rate and charges pertinent in your city, in order to plan your budget and select the property you want to buy.

Additional values

Home- buying can be challenging, so you would want to get all the help you can get from a side of professionals. Expenses charged by real estate agent, lender or mortgage broker, home inspector, land surveyor, lawyer or notary should be regarded. Parking structure and other amenities that charge fees should be considered, too.

● Property insurance

To secure your financial future if damages occur to your property. The price is coherently low and facilitates coverage in case of problems with the property title , certain damages or any legal mishap. Home Buying can be overwhelming but doing a thorough research, consulting the right experts, devising a well-rounded budget and if necessary, applying for a beneficial home loan, can help you float through this grueling process.

What city would you love to buy a home in

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